the accidental hero, the art hanger

The Art Hanger Prints 4

One of the biggest pleasures of the work we do is being able to connect with other talented Australian designers and makers. Most recently, my friend Jo of Bondi-based paper and textile studio Laikonik came to me for a plywood product to display her hand silk-screened tea towels.

I was happy to help, of course, but I didn’t realise just how much I would come to love the product we created. Also how much the market needed a product like this.

Introducing the Art Hanger. Simple in design but so genius in nature. This beauty can hang anything from your macramé wall hangings and kids kindergarten masterpieces. To even your too-good-to-use printed tea towels, art prints and wall hangings. Hang anything you like in the kids room, nursery, kitchen, office, wherever! Easily swap and change your wall art to get a fresh feel with the littlest effort possible.

We’ve barely had time to dream up all the wonderful possibilities for using this product. So we hope you will help do a bit of dreaming for us. We can’t wait to see what you hang!


art hanger in-detail

Art Hanger 3-towels