Christmas is Coming again with One Two Tree

Just quietly it’s the 1st of August. Can I be the first to say Christmas is coming! Well it is for us. Just so you know we are getting ready to produce another Eco Friendly Forrest of Christmas Trees for you and your families to enjoy this Christmas. Hooray! Including all of our hand made, hand painted, Australian, sustainable wooden decorations. They are apart of our Christmas Collection and they are the kind of keepsake decorations that you will treasure and proudly bring out year after year. Then one day when your children are older and beginning families of their own they will absolutely cherish these Christmas decorations as they are the very symbolic icon of their Christmas memoirs.

Our Wooden Christmas Baubles are available with sit on dowel prongs (especially made for our Christmas Tree) or in a hanging variation as pictured for all Christmas Trees.

Christmas is Coming, celebrate with our wooden baubles