message me boards

One Two Tree Sparkle 710x710

The Message Me Boards. Where to begin on these babies?

I was pregnant with Rhodes, our second boy, and looking for something to seriously sink my teeth into. I’ve always loved the nostalgic, artisan beauty of traditional signwriting. So, fancying myself a future tradie (haha), I found a signwriting course and enrolled. Three days a week for seven months and pregnant. I could do this.

Getting inspired along the way by old school baseball scoreboards, I started experimenting with different typographies in plywood tiles and hooking them onto boards as signs. It didn’t have the sleek aesthetic I wanted, and I modified the design to have the letters slide into place. We continued refining, modifying the letter type to be just right. Staining the tile faces black, mimicking the score tiles.


And just like that, its 2015, and we’ve been making the Message Me boards for almost a year now! We’re experimenting with sizes, uses, and capabilities. I’m so proud of what we’ve created – something nostalgic but modern, versatile but bold, a timeless product with the quality and craftsmanship to last the distance. Made in Australia from Australian plywood, what’s not to love?

Of course, by the time I’d finished with the boards, my mind was already on to the next thing – Alphabet sets and Sandwich Boards.

Sticking to my guns on the signwriting dream (sort of), the Alpha Set was born. It’s a business’ one-stop shop for affordable, bespoke, and completely customizable signage, when partnered with any of our boards. Packed with multiple letters, numbers and symbols, the Alpha Set lets you spell out anything you can dream up. That’s right, anything. 

The Sandwich Board was an obvious next step after perfecting our Message Me Boards. Also, the letter sets to match. We saw a definite gap in the market for a bespoke, up market interpretation of this classic and time tested retail sign concept. So we replaced the tacky steel and plastic construction with our hand crafted, One Two Tree aesthetic. Building something to stop a passersby in their tracks with beautiful design and customiseable commentary.

The One Two Tree Sandwich Board is a statement piece, and an investment for any business. Every component is separately cut, checked and finished before being assembled. Combine this process with the individually CNC routed letter tiles. The One Two Tree Sandwich Board is a mighty piece of work, that gives back 100%. All it needs is an Alpha Set, and you’re off…

2015-05-18 14.19.05

Though my initial focus was always on businesses and larger scale signage, interest soon came from individuals wanting smaller signs for their homes, offices and studios. So we created smaller, double and single row boards and the Beta Set. It’s a more affordable option, filled just with letters, so individuals could have customizable signage at home. Because why not, right?

9x3 message me board9 7x6 message me board 8

And so grows our One Two Tree family.