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Angel Christmas Tree Topper – Wooden Tree Toppers


Finally, our very own Angel Christmas Tree Topper to go on top of our beloved One Two Tree – Christmas Tree.

Each Angel Tree Topper is beautifully hand-painted and has two dowel prongs which neatly sit into the final top piece of your Large or Small One Two Tree Christmas Tree.

The Xmas tree angel topper is white and natural plywood in colour. Handcrafted with expert love and care in Australia!

Why choose Angel Tree Topper from One Two Tree?

  • Each wooden product is handcrafted in Australia.
  • We offer World Wide Shipping on our products.
  • The wood is Hoop Pine which is obtained from a certified sustainable source in Australia.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable.


  • Length: 5.7cm
  • Height: 12cm
  • Width: 9mm
  • Weight: 75gms

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