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The Art Hanger


Hang all your art, prints and textiles with The Art Hanger. A simple and stylish design which is also an inexpensive solution to framing those unique art pieces that you never get around to displaying.

Cleverly cut The Art Hanger locks together the art piece with natural leather string. Designed perfectly to exhibit 30/50/70cm width Tea Towels, Paper/Photographic Prints (thick gsm), Woollen or Macrame Art Weaves and Textile Fabrics. Recently we tested our Art Hanger with a large woollen weave weighing 1.5kgs and it worked a treat!

SPECIFICATIONS: Available in three sizes, 30cm, 50cm and 70cm wide.

— Height: 4.5cm, Width: 34.5cm/54.5cm/74.5cm. Depth: 1.3mm. Weight: 250gms. Leather included

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