Don’t limit your Christmas gifts with a budget

Are you someone’s Secret Santa with a strict budget? Or are you simply finding the perfect gift for someone without breaking the bank? One Two Tree can help you pick out a gift according to your budget but without compromising on quality. Check out below for some ideas!

$50 and under

For a budget of under $50 you can get one or two of our adorable wooden pieces from the Little Aussie Treasures collection. They would go great on any of our Treasure Boards or just something to lighten up any desk or shelf. If Australia’s native furry friends aren’t working for you, we’ve also got our popular Pastel Rainbow Set for only $46! They look amazing stacked together or apart for all ages, big or small.  


Little Aussie Treasures - Gift budget idea

Pastel rainbow - Gift idea


$150 and under

Don’t forget that we’re not just about wood – we’ve got an awesome range of colourful linen prints, too. Our prints are made of high quality Lismore Linen with water-based non-toxic inks. Starting at $89, we’ve got the alphabet Linen print banners in either monochrome tones or colourful goodness. For a little bit more, we’ve also got our Linen Banner Nautical for $115. With many different colours suited for everyone, it adds a quirky sensibility into the home. The beautiful linen prints will also fit perfectly into our Art Hanger (from $35) for an easy display option.


Linen flag - Gift idea

Linen flag 2 - Gift idea


$250 and under

With a budget of $250 and under, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend it on one of our Treasure Boards. Our boards are unique in terms of its shape and size and whoever receives it will thank you forever. The Treasure Boards starts at $189 with the Dream Cloud shape, to $199 with the Wombat, Australia, Play House and The Circle to $210 with the Rainy Cloud.





$500 and under

You will have plenty of options with this budget, so we suggest to go big or go home! Get that special someone one of our Message Boards, which starts from our 12×1 size at $120 to our largest at 7×6 size at $349. They’re not complete without the Custom Wooden Tiles ($7.50 each), so you can create a personalised message, and an optional Stand to support the board on a tabletop surface.


Message board - Gift idea